ECHO/60 This heavy duty pump for diesel has a robust steel cabinet.
It’s fully electronic so there are no levers, switches or knobs to worry about!
Requires 3 phase power, has a preset facility making it useful for filling large bowsers & smaller containers with a pre-determined amount, whilst allowing you to control/slow down the last few litres of a fill preventing splash back/spills.
- Only suitable with diesel or biodiesel up to B30.
- Meter. 4 piston, accurate to +/- 0.5%.
- Pumping unit. Belt driven with air separator & integral filter.
- Cabinet. steel, lockable front and rear door on cabinet & on
display pod for ease of maintenance.
- Display. LCD display with back light & battery back up
shows up to 999999.99 litres on display & totaliser.
Re-settable shift totaliser. Also has a mechanical totaliser.
Dual sided display is standard.
- Preset facility. You can enter any amount in litres or by
price. You can set the solenoid valve to cut off so it slow
towards the end of a delivery, range can be set: 0.99 – 0.10L.
Making it ideal for filling bowsers and smaller containers.
- Sight glass. Enables the user to see the fuel being dispensed.
- Simple to maintain. Good access for service engineers.
- Pumping speed. 60L/min.
- Standard equipment. 4m delivery hose, 60:1 pulser, preset
facility & suction inlet has flexible connector.
- Dimensions. 1540mm H x 450mm W 450mm D.
- Not approved for resale.
- For use on above or below ground storage tanks.