Pumptronics low cost diesel pump solution is the Zeon. Using similar hydraulics to those in the rest of the Pumptronics range, the meter (accurate to 0.5%) is fitted with an integral encoder. A new, electronic head combines processing and power switching requirements in one board for simpler maintenance. With this elegant solution, we are able to offer a cost effective unit to meet the needs of almost every commercial vehicle operator. Its size means it is ideal for locating within the end cabinet of bunded area of a tank pack. With the entire cabinet being manufactured from solid stainless steel it can withstand the roughest and toughest environment. So whilst it is not approved for re-sale the Zeon is surely the ultimate in low cost diesel pumps.
Solid stainless steel construction
New electronic head enclosure with illuminated volume display, one side only
Integral nozzle locking (no padlock required)
Left or Right hand nozzle boot
Electro mechanical totaliser – always visible
Pulse output interfaces 100PPL or 10PPL for Fuel Management systems
50/80 lts.p.m. Single or twin versions available
Optional Second side display available
Matching stainless under pump plinths for sites without suitable islands
Galvanised Under pump cradles / stools for new installations
Breakaway coupling