MC Box

MC Low Cost Fuel Management System
- A stand alone Fuel Management System for connecting to a pump.
- Ideal for the small fleet users.
(Can be retro fitted to existing pumps already on site).
- The (MCBOX) system is connected to the pump via the (K600/PM)
pulse meter.
(You may be able to use an existing pulser on site).
- Option PC software, key reader & 10 keys.

MC Box Control Panel Specification
- Up to 80 users via pin or optional magnetic key.
- Records date & time of dispensing & amount of fuel taken.
- Stores up to 255 transactions before downloading is required.
- Weatherproof for outdoor use.
- Can limit fuel taken by use of the preset facility.
- Switched 230Vac pump motor output.

Option PC Software
- PC software with key reader & 10 keys.
- Includes managers key that downloads information to the key
reader & software on the PC . (no hard wire link between the
pump & PC is required). PC must have USB port.
- One software pack can control up to 16 MC box systems.