Cube MC

CUBE 70 MC has been designed and manufactured to cater for the demand for a compact diesel-fuel dispenser for private use that is easy to install, ensures fast and precise dispensing and can only be used by qualified personnel. A dedicated software permits exporting data to a PC.
The compact body contains the nozzle holder, the pump and the meter. The electronic unit is able to control up to 50 users, including by means of a magnetic key, and permits dispensing with preselection.
Data can be downloaded into a PC both by means of the magnetic key and by cable connection. CUBE 70 MC can be fitted to a wall, directly on the tank by means of the quick coupling or on a column.
In terms of low running costs, compact dimensions and flexibility, together with all-round efficiency, CUBE 70 MC is a truly unique dispenser.

Performance specifications
• Flow rates from 70 l/min.
• Pre-selected dispensing.
• Accuracy: ± -0.5 % within flow rate range.
• Local memory capable of storing data for the last 200 deliveries.
• Can accept vehicle registration numbers and odometer readings.
• Records date and time of dispensing.
• Magnetic keys for user identification (optional).

• Vane pump with built-in bypass.
• Induction motor with overheating protection.
• Mesh filter in the pump intake.
• Pulser meter with oval gears.
• Automatic nozzle with swivel joint and 4-metre diesel fuel tube.
• Electronic control unit with display and keypad for entering code numbers.
• Magnetic key for user identification (optional).
• Cable connection to a PC up to 800 m away (optional).