Tank Gauge – Remote Readout %

- New improved design, simple hydrostatic tank contents gauge.
- Suitable with diesel, biodiesel up to B100, oils & water.
- Readout dial can be sited up to 20m away from tank.
- Dual 1/2” & 1” tank adaptor. Integral wall mounting holes.
- Shows percentage of full content.
- One version suits tanks from 0.9m to 3.2m high.
- Simply pull plunger & release to show current contents.
- Calibrate on site to suit your particular tank.
- Above or below ground tanks. Dial face for rectangular/cyl. tanks.
- Weatherproof unit suitable for outside mounting.
- Also available in calibrated (Litres) version.

Piusi OCIO Gauge

- Suitable with diesel, biodiesel up to B30 & oils up to SAE 250.
- Hydrostatic tank contents gauge. Choose 230V or 110V supply.
- Weatherproof unit to IP55 suitable for outside mounting.
- Suits tanks 0.6 – 4m high (12ft). 1/2” M tank fitting for tank/tube.
- Accuracy +/- 1%. Gauge has 2 internal holes for wall mount.

- Gives continuous readout in litres, mm & %.

- Readout can be sited up to 10m away from tank. (50m option).
- 1 gauge required per tank. Min. tank depth 60cm.

The following details need setting up on site
- Tank type & dimensions
- Low & high levels with relay outputs. (Display flashes on alarm).

TMS Tank Gauge

- Suitable for mounting out or indoors
- Suitable for Diesel, Chemicals, Bio-Fuels and Adblue
- Integral high/low level alarm
- Reads tank contents in litres
- 3 No. 10A relays for control of external equipment

Option of tank stocks sent via GSM telemetry to a central database at a customer specified time which automatically processes the data for each tank. This allows the tank level data to be viewed via your web browser.