OIS FM Online (Fuel Manager On-line) provides comprehensive fuel management capabilities for all sizes of fleet operation, using an Internet or Intranet platform.

OIS FMO is a scalable solution, ideal for larger fleets, multi-site and multi-user applications that require comprehensive fuel management capabilities at a number of locations. The system allows an adminstrator to create password controlled access limits for users to specific screens and functions. The system can accommodate any number of administrators and users. Any number of remote PC’s (clients) can access the web application via their local browser. No software installation is required for client PC’s.


  • Programming Vehicle Datatags / Fueller Datatags/ Driver Details
  • Maintaining tables ( Driver\Fueller\ Lockout )
  • Running Reports
  • Stock Control


  • No components or software needs to be installed on the client computer, meaning no system hang ups or software crashes, resulting in a more efficient system.
  • Minimal network requirements.
  • Scalable solution ( 1 to 1000’s of locations)
  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an internet/intranet  connection.
  • Changes made to the application software i.e updates etc are immediately and universally available to all users.

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    FM Online